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– First turbine delivers power to grid during testing –

Christmas has come early to RES’ Woolley Hill Wind Farm in Huntingdonshire, as the project delivered renewable electricity to the grid for the first time on 15 December.

Site Manager Noel Breslin says: “We’ve still some way to go until the wind farm is fully operational, but knowing that the first few kilowatts of renewable electricity have been generated and transferred to the grid successfully means we are on target to deliver a completed project in the New Year.”

Once fully operational, Woolley Hill Wind Farm will be capable of generating sufficient renewable electricity per day to roast around 56,000 turkeys – that’s equivalent to cooking Christmas dinner for 80 per cent of all the homes in Huntingdonshire.

In addition to the gift of cleaner, greener energy, the wind farm has delivered more than £2.5 million in economic benefits to the region through contract awards to companies based within 50 miles of the site.

And remember – a wind farm is not just for Christmas. During its 25 year lifetime, Woolley Hill Wind Farm will also provide a £20,000 per year Community Benefit Fund to support local projects, as well as a £100 annual discount off the electricity bills of around 300 properties closest to the turbines.


  1. The Christmas dinner figure has been calculated by taking the anticipated energy yield of the wind farm (32.65GWh) and dividing it by the average time it takes to cook a 16lb turkey (1.6kWh). The result has then been divided by the number of days in a year and compared to the 2011 Census data.