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3 OCTOBER 2013:

Almost 300 properties in Ellington and the surrounding area could claim a discount off their electricity bills under an innovative scheme launched by RES, the company developing Woolley Hill Wind Farm.

The Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS) applies to commercial, community and residential properties within two kilometres of the four-turbine wind farm and offers an annual discount of £100 off their electricity bill once the wind farm is fully operational.

RES has written directly to the properties around the site that would be eligible to receive the electricity discount under LEDS, offering people the opportunity to register their interest in the scheme. There is no need for participants to change electricity supplier to benefit from LEDS and participation in the scheme is entirely voluntary. The discount is paid directly to the relevant electricity supplier for the duration of the operational life of the wind farm.

LEDS is being offered in addition to a Community Benefit Fund of at least £20,000 per year for investment in local community projects. The addition of LEDS brings the total package of community benefits at Woolley Hill Wind Farm to more than one million pounds over the life time of the wind farm.