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People who live and work within 2km of Woolley Hill Wind Farm near Ellington have until 31st January 2015 to register for a £100 discount off their electricity bills this year.

The discount is being offered through the Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS), which is one of the community benefits that Woolley Hill Wind Farm is offering to local people. LEDS is open to all residential, business and community buildings (including schools, places of worship and village halls) within a set distance from the turbines.

Alison Jones, Community Relations Manager says: “We launched LEDS at Woolley Hill in October 2013, and wrote directly to the 300 or so eligible properties to let them know about the discount and to register interest in the scheme. Just prior to Christmas we got in touch again to advise people that they now need to contact us with details of their electricity supplier so that we can make arrangements for the first payments to be made.

“The response has been very encouraging and well over half the eligible properties have already responded, but we’d just like to remind people that the deadline for registering for this year’s payment is 31st January.”

The £100 annual discount will be paid for the lifetime of the project (up to 25 years) and is index linked. There is no need for people to change electricity supplier to benefit from LEDS and participation in the scheme is entirely voluntary. The discount applies to a property not a person and is paid directly to the relevant electricity supplier of the eligible property. In the event of someone moving out of an eligible property, the new owner will be able to claim the discount from the point they take ownership.

LEDS at Woolley Hill is being offered in addition to a Community Benefit Fund of at least £20,000 per year for investment in local community projects. The addition of LEDS brings the total package of community benefits at Woolley Hill Wind Farm to more than one million pounds over the life time of the wind farm.