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- Wind farm on schedule for completion in Spring 2015 -

Erection of the fourth and final turbine at RES’ Woolley Hill Wind Farm near Ellington, Huntingdonshire, was completed this morning (Wednesday 19 November), bringing the project one step closer to delivering clean, green electricity for up to 8,000 UK homes*. Construction at Woolley Hill Wind Farm began in March 2014, with the turbine components arriving on site during October.

Noel Breslin, RES Site Manager, says: “The turbine erection team deserve a lot of praise for their diligence and hard work over the last few weeks. Poor weather conditions have not made the job very easy on occasion, but everyone has pulled together to get all four turbines up. I’m delighted to confirm that we will soon have a working wind farm at Woolley Hill.”

The turbines will now undergo a period of testing and commissioning before the wind farm can become fully operational in Spring 2015, triggering community benefits of £50,000 per year.


 * The homes equivalent has been calculated by taking the predicted annual electricity generation of the site (based on RES studies Woolley Hill Wind Farm has a predicted capacity factor of 39.1%) and dividing this by the annual average household electricity consumption figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change 2012 (4229kWh).